Up Close On ‘Flirtation Orange’

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Up Close On 'Flirtation Orange'

Bright, vibrant colors are still an essential component to selling annuals, perennials and flowering shrubs. For growers, selecting plants that provide a retail punch is extremely important, especially in the main spring season when there are so many varieties to choose from.

‘Flirtation Orange’ diascia is a true spring performer. It offers a great retail presentation and has bright orange color that stands out for the consumer.
Color can be powerful. In his book “Why We Buy,” author Paco Underhill describes a concept called a “power display.” The value of a high-color display as customers enter the store is huge in making them pause and consider specific plants amid the riot of color. Underhill states: “A power display of sweaters, for instance, acts as a barrier to slow shoppers down. Kind of like a speed bump. It functions as a huge billboard. It says: Pause a second to look at what you’re walking in on.”
‘Flirtation Orange’ is an excellent choice to achieve the eye-catching, color-popping power display. The diascia is also the perfect connection between early spring nemesia sales and continuing color sales into late spring. ‘Flirtation Orange’ prefers cool growing conditions (50 to 70°F) and can be used in both containers and the landscape because they are vigorous plants.
During spring, cooler greenhouse spaces will help ‘Flirtation Orange.’ Heated greenhouse space is costly and extremely valuable, so make the most of your early season by growing crops that prefer cool temperatures. Here are some other tips to keep in mind:
- Bright Light. Control growth with light intensity wherever possible. Diascia love the sun and become weak when kept in the shade. Try hanging baskets to make the most of the light.
- Start Warm. Keep plants at 65 to 72°F the first two to three weeks after transplant. Then move them into cool houses so they can grow out, and let the liner root into the larger containers before moving.
- Turn, Turn, Turn. As these cooler crops sell or as the days warm, move these crops outside (like you would with pansies) and replant this space with a second crop for late May and early June sales.
For all the cultural information on diascia, visit PWcertified.com/Grower/Plants/Culture.cfm. Cultural information on Proven Winners, Proven Selections and Proven Winners ColorChoice can all be viewed online.

Danielle Ernest is a well respected horticulturist who draws on a wide range of experience. She currently works for Spring Meadow Nursery, where she is responsible for educating clients and the media about the Proven Winners ColorChoice brand of flowering shrubs. You can eMail her at danielle@springmeadownursery.com.

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