Variety Shorts

Variety Shorts

Variety Shorts

High-Color Foliage


Recently released by ForemostCo, Rhoeo ‘Tricolor’ adds a vivid splash of color to every situation. ‘Tricolor’ can be used as a bedding plant, patio plant and as a stand-alone foliage option. Mix it in planters or use it in landscapes–’Tricolor’ will add color everywhere. With regular availability from ForemostCo as unrooted cuttings, ‘Tricolor’ plants root and grow quickly and can be saleable in four to six weeks. It can be used in all light exposure situations from deep shade through full sun. Combining a low input cost with great performance, ‘Rhoeo Tricolor’ will be an attractive addition to a grower’s bottom line.

In its 20 years of operation, ForemostCo has become a large importer of live plants to the United States, accounting for more than 20 percent of all plants brought in to the country. Working in partnership with its customers and growers throughout the globe, ForemostCo, Inc. caters to the need for consistent quality, new product development, exceptional service, on-time delivery, competitive pricing and ethical sourcing.

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Planting Profits

Selecta First Class offers a number of new varieties for 2008 that will help growers produce profits. ‘MiniFamousDouble Pink’ calibrachoa, the winner of Greenhouse Grower’s 2006 Medal of Excellence Grower’s Choice Award sold well in its first year and now adds a new color for the 2007-2008 season, ‘MiniFamous Double Blue.’ Both have habits similar to traditional MiniFamous varieties and will perform in pots and containers.

‘Tsavo Double Gold’ santivalia is all new, flowering with an early greenish brown center. ‘Tsavo Double Gold’ has medium vigor and a mounding habit.

 It keeps its nice habit all summer, making it ideal for landscapes and containers.’Bellfire’ Begonia boliviensis adds variety to the begonia market. With an upright habit and large, cerise red flowers, this variety is ideal for gallon production and mixed containers. Like its sibling ‘Bonfire,’ which looked stunning in trials nationwide, ‘Bellfire’ is expected to deliver at least the same results. This variety is exclusive to Selecta First Class.

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