Variety Shorts

Abounding Blooms

New additions to American Takii’s lineup for 2007/2008 include petunia ‘Opera Supreme,’ pansy ‘Nature Carmine Shades With Blotch’ and flower kale ‘Pink Kamome.’

Petunia ‘Opera Supreme’ has a low, trailing habit and spreads to a width of 4 feet. White is extremely floriferous, producing massive quantities of flowers from the tips of the trailing branches to the center of the plant.

Pansy ‘Nature Carmine Shades With Blotch’ is one of two new colors being added to the Nature series. Being a cross between pansy and viola imparts the best characteristics of both–wide color range and flower size and very high tolerance of both heat and cold, as well as profuse flower quantities.

Flower kale ‘Pink Kamome’ is a unique color addition to the existing fringe-leaved Kamome series made up of White and Red. It expands the color assortment for cool weather programs, as well as retail packages of assorted kale colors. For more information, visit

Color Supernova

New varieties from Terra Nova Nurseries include scabiosa ‘Vivid Violet,’ Echinacea purpurea ‘Coconut Lime,’ echinacea ‘Tiki Torch’ and heuchera ‘Georgia Peach.’

Scabiosa ‘Vivid Violet’ boasts large, vivid violet pincushion flowers set atop low mounds of mildew-resistant, frilly foliage. It is a vigorous grower that will bloom continuously from late spring to frost.

‘Coconut Lime’ is the first white double-flowering echinacea. Its compact habit can sport more than 20 blooms per plant. It blooms for two to three months and thrives in the intense heat and humidity of Texas.

Echinacea ‘Tiki Torch’ explodes with massive 4.5-inch flowers with wide petals. It retains intense color for weeks rather than days. Spicy-scented blooms sit atop strong and upright 36-inch stems. They’re great for borders and as cut flowers.

Heuchera ‘Georgia Peach’ is bred for heat and humidity tolerance. In spring, huge peach-colored leaves with a showy, silver overlay adorn a large, lush habit. Foliage color intensifies to rose purple with a decorative frosted veil in fall and winter. For more information, visit

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