Variety Shorts

Variety Shorts

Variety Shorts

Powerful Poinsettias


Selecta First Class recently introduced several new poinsettias to its lineup. ‘Christmas Carol White’ and ‘Christmas Carol Pink’ are new additions to Selecta’s red Christmas Carol introduced last year. They are early-season varieties with slightly oak-shaped bracts and foliage. The response time is 7.5 weeks.

They have a medium to high vigor, upright growth habit, excellent branching characteristics and large, showy bracts. The Christmas Carol series is extremely energy efficient, very uniform and easy to grow.

‘Apricot Candy’ has apricot bracts and stands in contrast to the cinnamon-colored ‘Cinnamon Candy’ introduced last season. It flowers mid-season (8.5 weeks’ response time) and because of its similar vigor and response time, it is a great addition to the Christmas Feelings series. Dark-green foliage, upright habit, medium vigor and large cyathias complement the unique color.

A great specialty variety joining the Christmas Feelings series, ‘Christmas Feelings Crazy’ is more compact than other varieties in the series and will not require PGR treatments. Its serrated foliage, the marble look featuring dark pink and white, as well as the bi-colored foliage make it stand out in the poinsettias crowd. It finishes mid-season together with the other Christmas Feelings varieties. Visit for more information.                                     

Stunning Shades

S&G Flowers is offering dozens of new varieties in its “A Cut Above” program, including Magma nemesia, Skylights salvia and Magalena Ultra verbena.

A new type of nemesia that combines non-stop flowering with large blooms in stunning shades, Magma nemesia erupts with color. Magma is ideal for large patio containers and window boxes in early spring and fall.

Skylights salvia offers a more impactful and longer-lasting color show, featuring large flowers on a well-branched habit for superior color coverage. The long-lasting blooms allow for more color over a longer period of time. Habit and plant size are uniform across all colors.

Magalena Ultra verbena features a large flower size and superior mildew tolerance. It is also heat tolerant, providing show-stopping color all season long. Magalena works great in 4-inch pots, hanging baskets or combos. It has broad-leaf, deep-green foliage and a medium to very vigorous spreading plant habit. It’s also earlier to flower than other broad-leafed types, with better branching for a superior bloom coverage. Visit for more information.