Program Offers Big-Time Edibles Enhancement

By | Program Offers Big-Time Edibles Enhancement

Among the most exciting developments Tuesday at Imagination Canyon in Santa Barbara was John Henry Company’s partnership with John Henry is now designing packaging and tags for, and all tags can be scanned by the consumer’s phone for instant recipe downloads. Programs like this should continue to tighten the gap between our industry and Generations X and Y.

“ is the most widely-used recipe site in the world,” says Brenda Vaughn, John Henry Company. “And they’re now offering consumers opportunities to grow vegetables.”

Vaughn says she simply wrote a letter urging the company to partner with John Henry on edibles. Now, recipes are among the information John Henry is putting on tags, and a unique bar code on tags allows consumers to scan them and retrieve recipes for meals they otherwise might not think about if vegetables weren’t appropriately merchandised.

Tags are still the bread and butter of John Henry’s business, Vaughn says, and vegetable plant tags were among the company’s top selling items in 2009. In fact, she says vegetable plant tag sales were up 38 percent over the previous year, and John Henry’s intensified effort for 2010 should result in further increases. Merchandise like John Henry’s wrap-fused pots for blueberries in the Texas market should attract new consumers.

Another unique program from John Henry is “Bee Friendly,” a program geared toward plants that pollinate. The program’s yellow packaging is inviting.

“We need new ideas for people to buy plants,” says Kristi Huffman, John Henry. “Now, they’re helping a cause. It’s critical to keep pollination going.”

A unique packaging component of “Bee Friendly” on display at Imagination Canyon was a carrier that contained two 1-gallon pots. 

Eco tags and gifting were other John Henry themes.

Kevin Yanik is the former managing editor of Greenhouse Grower.

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