California Pack Trials 2010: Verbena To Viola

‘Aztec Blue Velvet’ verbena by Ball FloraPlant
‘Aztec Blue Velvet’ verbena is a mounded and trailing, dark green-leafed plant. It boasts excellent powdery mildew tolerance and is easier to finish with reduced chemical applications. ‘Aztec Blue Velvet’ is distinguished by its fine, serrated foliage and strong, non-fading flower colors. It stays lush and healthy spring through autumn.
Corina violas by Hem Genetics
‘Violet with yellow face’ and ‘Marina’ are now to the Corina series, which is now up to seven colors. These violas have uniform plant habits and can be used for different types of packs and pot sizes. Plants are strong branching and fill pots fast. They have a mounding habit and are covered with multiple flowers.

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