Coloropsis Additions Stand Out For Skagit

Coloropsis Additions Stand Out For Skagit

Coloropsis Additions Stand Out For Skagit

The Coloropsis coreopsis series from Skagit Gardens has been a success for the Washington-based propagator so far, and the addition of three varieties for 2011 should enhance the series’ value to growers.


Coloropsis varieties produce masses of flowers from early summer into fall, thrive in hot sun and were originally introduced by Sunny Border Nurseries and hybridized by Darrell Probst. The series offers hot and spicy color combinations that give a burst of bloom color.

The three Coloropsis newcomers are:

-‘Mambo’; and

‘Jive’ is white with single blooms and a burgundy eye with an orange center; ‘Mambo’ is pale pink with a raspberry eye; and my favorite newbie, ‘Salsa,’ is golden yellow with a wide burgundy eye. The burgundy color against the flower’s yellow perimeter bursts right at you. And multiple buds means lots of bursting color throughout summer. The series is compact in habit, too.

Pamela Youngsman, Debbie Hewlett and Gina Falcetti of Skagit Gardens were high on the Gold Collection of hellebores, as well. Youngsman says Skagit Gardens sold every Gold Collection hellebore it propagated last year. She found that the Gold Collection hellebores, which are unique because they have outward-facing flowers, served well as a holiday crop of sorts because Skagit does not produce cyclamen or poinsettias.