Dallas Arboretum

Dallas Arboretum

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Trial Site:  The Dallas Arboretum

Trial Manager:  Jimmy Turner, Director of Horticultural Research, jturner@dallasarboretum.org; and Denise Robb, Research and Greenhouse Manager, drobb@dallasarboretum.org

Date Planted:  June 15, 2008

Weather Conditions:  Spring this year was wonderfully extended; this year we averaged day temperatures in the 80s until June. Usually the weather will start getting into the 90s by mid-May. Albeit, in the month of July it was HOT AND DRY! We had three straight weeks of 100+ degree temperatures with our nights in the upper 80s and low 90s with no rain. One more week of over 100 degree temps persisted into August with the majority of the days in the upper 90s with very little rainfall. September was spent in the upper 80s and low to mid 90s with little to no rainfall.

Best In Show: Impatiens ‘Spreading Fanfare Series’ from Ball Horticultural Co.

This variety gives the Sunpatiens a run for their money! Excellent vigor and heat and sun tolerant. Performs excellent in boggy sites as well as well-drained sites. Heavy blooming. Handles our Texas heat wonderfully!

Top 5 Performers Overall:

1. Cuphea ‘Ballistic’ from GroLink

This ignea type Cuphea has great vigor, growing 12 to14 inches tall and covered with purple and red cigar-shaped flowers. Compact habit.     

2. Zea perennis ‘Winning Streak’ from ItSaul Plants

This is a variegated ornamental variety of corn. It is very vigorous as well as heat and drought tolerant. The foliage doesn’t burn in the hot summer sun and it does not flower. 

3. Gaillardia Commotion Series from SkagitGardens

The varieties ‘Commotion Frenzy’ and ‘Commotion Tizzy’ are excellent gaillardias! They are very vigorous and extremely florific all summer long. Grow 12 to14 inches tall.

4. Pennisetum ‘Prince’ and ‘Princess’ from University of Georgia

Dark burgundy foliage that has excellent heat tolerance and pest resistance. Princess is shorter, growing 3 to 4 feet with burgundy foliage while Prince is taller, growing 5 to 6 feet with more of a black colored foliage. Both are very compact.

5. Scaevola ‘Blue Ribbon’ from Ball Horticultural Co.

One of our best performing Scaevola this year! Great for containers, this varieties spreading habit is full and not leggy. The flowers are small and abundant and the foliage is a soft green. Grows 8 to10 inches tall and spreads 10 to 12 inches wide.



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