Debut Darlings

Debut Darlings

Ball Horticultural Company

Taishan marigolds come in Gold, Orange, Yellow and a mixture. Taishan delivers season-long landscape performance with high-impact color, less breakage in shipping and beautiful blooms at retail. This marigold can reach 12 inches in height and was a top performer in the humid, summer heat in Beijing for the 2008 Olympic Games.

The Can-Can calibrachoa series comes in four colors: Apricot, Mocha, Orange and Strawberry. Well-branched and free-flowering plants have a uniform, mounded and trailing habit. Strong, vigorous plants offer season-long garden performance. Can-Can is ideal for outdoor production and is very pH tolerant, assuring foliage stays consistently dark green even at higher pH levels.

In Dusty Rose and Lime Green, the Debonair petunia collection is versatile for pots, baskets and combination containers in never-seen-before colors. Both colors change with the environment. The Dusty Rose color will become lighter, more yellow in higher light and warmer conditions. This collection can reach a height of 15 inches and spread 12 inches.


Perfect for finishing in either spring or fall, the ‘Mammoth White Hot’ pansy can reach a height of 8 inches and prefers full sun. This Mammoth has a mounded habit and firm petals that stand up to rain and irrigation. Its large blooms can measure up to 4 inches.

‘Bada Boom Rose Bicolor’ begonia has strong branching habits that quickly fill containers. Bada Boom can grow up to 10 inches tall and 8 inches wide, preferring partial shade to full sun conditions. It’s perfect for beds with multiple light conditions. Its versatile shade preferences make for successful customer results.

Cora vinca can reach a height of 16 inches, and large eye-catching flowers smother this full-sun loving plant. Disease resistant to aerial phytophthora, this vinca thrives in heat and humidity and its foliage is thick and glossy.

‘Kiss Rose’ gazania does not need plant growth regulators (PGRs) to produce compact, uniform crops. This gazania has high bloom counts and can reach a height of 10 inches. It adapts to water stress and loves heat.

Hem Genetics

The newly developed Mambo series forms the multiflora counterpart of the grandiflora Limbo. The Mambo petunia series does not require growth regulators because it is naturally dwarf. As a Mambo petunia does not have to be treated with PGRs, it starts flowering early and has significantly larger-sized flowers. Mambo reaches a height of 6 to 8 inches. The series is available in 11 colors and has a good weather resistance and an outstanding outdoor performance.

Snappy is the first dwarf double-flowered snapdragon series on the market. It is very early flowering on compact branching plants. It keeps its compact plant habit in the garden, is very floriferous and shows great weather tolerance. Reaching a height of 6 to 8 inches, Snappy comes in White, Yellow Shades, Violet and Bronze Shades.

Corina is the new Viola cornuta series. Early flowering and non-stretching, this series continues to flower the entire season. With more colors to come, the Corina series is currently available in Tricolor, Yellow, Yellow with Blotch, Orange and Orange/Purple Wing. It grows 4 to 6 inches in height.

Selecta First Class

One of three new MiniFamous Double calibrachoa varieties, ‘MiniFamous Double Orange’ is an early and rich flowering cultivar with great branching. With this series, Selecta is exchanging its existing line with next generation genetics.

The Zion osteospermum ecklonis have quickly become a hot seller. Their larger flowers and unique colors combined with great summer performance have placed them in programs almost year round. This upcoming season brings eight new colors. Zion varieties have a medium to high vigor and are best used in medium to large pots.

PortoGrande portulaca cultivars are a new series from Selecta and available in six vibrant colors with large flowers. They are great for hot and arid conditions. Use them in the landscape, baskets and mixed containers. All varieties are self-branching, easy to grow, medium vigorous and require no PGRs.

Plant Haven

With no known pests or diseases, euphorbia ‘Ascot Rainbow’ boasts variegated foliage that is a colorful blend of mint green and lemony yellow. It is further accentuated with tints of orange and dusty pink through to burnt red hues in cooler months. This euphorbia is tolerant to the heat and dry conditions.  

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