MasterTag’s SnapTag Solves Tag Dilemma

MasterTag’s SnapTag Solves Tag Dilemma

MasterTag's SnapTag Solves Tag Dilemma

Research MasterTag recently conducted found 62 percent of gardeners prefer to use tags as an in-house reference and 66 percent prefer to use them as garden markers.

If you do the math, it’s clear tags as they’re currently designed can’t serve both functions. But that’s why MasterTag has designed the SnapTag, a two-tags-in-one item that serves as both reference material and a garden marker for the home gardener.


SnapTags benefit growers because they can be used as stock or custom options and they help growers differentiate their product.

In addition to SnapTags, MasterTag has developed a program for creating beautiful container gardens called Container Creations. Combination planters were seen at just about every Spring Trials stop this year but most of the combos we saw were pre-selected for consumers. Container Creations, however, leaves the creativity to consumers.

Special tags have been created for the program that identify plants with upright, mounding and trailing habits. Upright plant tags are yellow; mounding plant tags are blue; and trailing plant tags are red.

The tags will help eliminate the guesswork for consumers who aren’t sure which plants work well together. They can search for plants based on the different tag colors (i.e. plant habit) and have fun creating their own custom combination planters.

Another new MasterTag program is an audio guide by phone. The plan is to set up a phone number garden center customers can call on site to get information about plants or programsA trial will take place with Elzinga & Hoeksema Greenhouses products later this year in Meijer stores.

“We’re working with companies to do QR codes,” says MasterTag’s Gerry Giorgio. “Some people aren’t comfortable with Smart Phones. So now you can call with your cell phone number for planting instructions.”