New Varieties Guide 2009: American Takii

New Varieties Guide 2009: American Takii

American Takii

For the past two years, Japanese breeder Takii has been assimilating the offerings of two key acquisitions–Sahin in Holland and Global Flowers in Denmark. All three specialize in different types of seed varieties. Takii’s strengths have always been vegetables, cut flowers and seed annuals. Global Flowers is known for blooming potted crops, especially gerbera. And Sahin breeds interesting niche crops, like grasses, perennials, as well as violas and coleus. Takii’s message was that the three companies together offer service, selection and quality.

As far as new introductions go, this was a light year for American Takii. The big one on the seed annuals side was the Cadenza hedgiflora petunias. Plants grow up and out in a V-shaped habit. Colors are Rose, Rose Pink, Rose Red and Salmon Pink. Takii also added Frosty Blue and Yellow w/Blotch to the Nature pansies and a light Heavenly Blue to Gem violas. Cut flower introductions included ‘Sunrich Lemon Summer’ sunflower.

- Agastache ‘Rose Mint’
–Audray gomphrenas–two colors
–Cadenza hedgiflora petunias–four colors
–Eryngium ‘Purple Sheen’
–Floral Power violas–Cream Purple Wing
–Gem violas–Heavenly Blue
–Nature pansies–Frosty Blue and Yellow w/Blotch
–Royal gerberas–10 new colors, four are semidoubles
–Spring Celebration hollyhocks–four colors
–Sunrich sunflowers–Lemon Summer

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