New Varieties Guide 2009: Benary

New Varieties Guide 2009: Benary



German flower breeder Benary is really promoting its FastraX program of first-year flowering perennials and has developed a savings analysis tool, so growers can compare the costs of a FastraX input and schedule compared to a traditional vernalized perennial plug. Eleven new varieties joined the FastraX program, including: achilleas ‘Noblessa’ and ‘Goldie,’ armeria ‘Morning Star White,’ delphinium ‘Summer Cloud,’ dianthus ‘Flavora Rose Shade,’ eryngium ‘White Glitter,’ geum ‘Koi,’ Filou gypsophilas, physostegia ‘Crystal Peak White’ and prunella ‘Bella Blue.’

In annuals, Benary showed comparison trials in pentas and fibrous begonias, two signature crops. One new series is Las Vegas gomphrenas with taller plants compared to the more compact Buddies. Colors are Purple, Pink and White. As a landscape item, plants are very heat and drought tolerant. The biggest news came a few weeks later, when Benary acquired key Bodger Seed lines.

–Achilleas ‘Nobelessa’ and ‘Goldie’
–Aquilegia ‘Spring Magic Yellow’
–Armeria ‘Morning Star White’
–Begonias ‘Super Olympia Bicolor,’ ‘Illumination Peaches ‘n Cream,’ Primary Deep Red and Pink Shades
–Delphinium ‘Summer Cloud’
–Eryngium ‘White Glitter’
–Filou gypsophilas
–Geum ‘Koi’
–Las Vegas gomphrenas
–Physostegia ‘Crystal Peak White’
–Rudbeckia ‘Denver Daisy’

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