New Varieties Guide 2009: Bodger

New Varieties Guide 2009: Bodger



We didn’t realize it at the time, but this was the last time we would visit Bodger at the Pack Trials. In April, most of the seed annuals were sold to Benary and in May, Bodger’s sales and marketing director Steve Jones purchased the vegetative division, Bodger Botanicals, and has launched a new company called Green Fuse Botanicals based in Santa Monica, Calif.

It appears Benary will exhibit at the Lompoc location next year and Green Fuse will be at GroLink in Oxnard. GroLink’s sister company Athena produces cuttings in Brazil and has been contracted to produce Green Fuse Botanicals. Distribution is still exclusively through Henry F. Michell in the United States and JVK in Canada.

Vegetative introductions that will be carried by Green Fuse Botanicals include a thin-leafed version of the Sweet Caroline ipomoeas called Sweet Talk in Green and Purple. Some are calling it the ‘Diamond Frost’ of ipomoeas.

–Acrobat trailing snapdragons in Orchid, Cherry-Red and Yellow
–Bounce sweet peas in seven colors
–Gum Drops Coco begonias in Rose and White
–Miracle diascia in White
–Salvia ‘Cathedral Lavender’
–Solstice Regal geraniums in Pink Azalea
–Sweet Talk ipomoeas
–Windchimes fuchsias in Red/White
–Wonderland alyssum in Giga White

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