New Varieties Guide 2009: Dömmen

New Varieties Guide 2009: Dömmen


Dömmen is the market leader in making combination plantings easy for growers. For several years, growers have been experiencing the benefits of the Confetti Garden liner program, with three different cuttings rooted in one Ellepot. In addition to enhancing quality and consistency, growers save labor and no longer have to worry if the various cuttings will arrive together to assemble combos.

Dömmen has taken this concept to the next level by allowing growers to buy the Confetti Garden combinations as unrooted cuttings. Growers receive the cuttings to assemble 400 combination planters at once in a box. Two new eyecatching Confetti Garden combinations are Patriot in red, white and blue, and Lavender Spring in beautiful pastels.

This was a big year for new varieties and genuses, including: Phloxy Lady phlox, Aretes fuchsias, Bahia bacopas, Summertime Swing trailing osteospermums and Grandiosa geraniums, a cross with Regals. Cuttings will be produced in El Salvador.

–Aloha calibrachoas–Gold and Deep Purple
–Aretes fuchsias–eight colors
–Bahia bacopas–four colors
–Geranium ‘TexMex Hot Pink’
–Gigant plectranthus
–Grandiosa geraniums
–Lantane lantanas
–Phloxy Lady phlox
–Potunia petunias–Yellow and Cappuccino
–Summertime Swing osteospermums–three colors
–Suprise petunias–Lemon Twist, Orange Twist, Hot Red
–Survivor geraniums–Soft Pink and Salmon Pink

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