New Varieties Guide 2009: Fides

New Varieties Guide 2009: Fides


Fides always presents its varieties with an artistic flair, with high fashion, edgy models and graphics. One interesting addition to the outdoor gardens were two-dimensional, almost lifesize screens that looked like the front of homes with real plants set out in front to provide an idea of how plants would look at someone’s house.

Known worldwide for blooming potted plants like kalanchoes and cut flowers, the Dutch breeding company owned by Kirin in Japan has really expanded its offerings in vegetative annuals. The Tamarinda New Guinea impatiens have performed very well in trials, as well as the Margarita osteospermums, which include designer colors like Caramel, Bronze Bicolor and Sunset.

Since acquiring the Merite lines, Fides has been focused on breeding zonal and ivy geraniums that are early to flower, with excellent branching and are fast to finish. Other well-received lines include AngelArt nemesia and Double Wave petunias.

–Dahlinova dahlias–three colors
–Grand Idols ivy geraniums–four colors
–Hypnotica dahlias–seven colors
–Inticancha alstroemerias–four colors
–Margarita osteospermums–seven colors
–Master Idols geraniums–four colors
–Summer Idols geraniums–Hot Pink and True Red
–Sunflor carnations–three colors
–Four new kalanchoes


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