New Varieties Guide 2009: Golden State Bulb

New Varieties Guide 2009: Golden State Bulb

Golden State Bulb

Located at scenic Moss Landing between Watsonville and Monterey, Golden State Bulb has been teaching growers how to produce calla lilies for more than 20 years. Demonstration trials show results of production methods. Examples include putting multiple tubers in a pot, using smaller tubers, the effects of growth regulator applications and comparing fertility regimes. For growers new to producing callas, they can begin with selections identified as best for each pot configuration.

In addition to bringing callas to the United States, Golden State Bulb has an 80-year tradition producing tuberous begonias. Forms range from giant-flowered to ruffled, pendulous, rose-form, upright, picotee and scented. Golden State also is the only producer in the world of the Narcissiflora begonia with daffodil-shaped flowers.

Other innovative bulb crops include Caribbean Jewels Scilla peruviana, Pineapple Lily (eucomis) and amaryllis Belladonna/Naked Lady.

- Amaryllis Belladonna
–Callafornia Callas–’Alpine,’ ‘Super Mac,’ ‘Pink Diamond’ and ‘Gold Crown’
–Caribbean Jewels Scilla peruviana in ‘Sapphire Blue’
–Eucomis/Pineapple Lily in White and Pink
–OnTop begonias–Sun Glow
–Ruffled begonias–Peach and Mandarin

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