New Varieties Guide 2009: Kieft

New Varieties Guide 2009: Kieft


One month after Pack Trials, Kieft Seeds was sold to Ball Horticultural Co. Kieft’s strengths in seed perennials, gerberas and ornamental grasses fulfill needs not currently being met through Ball’s PanAmerican Seed. The sale resulted from strategic distribution moves in Europe. Ball sold its distribution arms in Germany, Holland and France to Florensis in exchange for a stronger position in the United Kingdom. Florensis had an ownership interest in Kieft.

Florensis is vertically integrated as a breeder, young plant producer and distributor. Vegetative varieties on display at Kieft’s trials include Glow petunias, which have been well received by growers for uniformity and daylength neutrality.

New seed perennials from Kieft include the green-leaved heuchera ‘Malachite’ as a companion to the burgundy-colored ‘Melting Fire.’ Scabiosa ‘Blue Note’ is a compact alternative to ‘Butterfly Blue.’ Salvia is another genus Kieft is working on.

–Astra osteospermums–Dark Copper, Light Copper
–Carex ‘Phoenix Green’
–Cosmos ‘Antiquity’
–Gallo gaillardias in Red and Orange
–Heuchera ‘Malachite’
–Isolepis ‘Wi-Fi’
–Lobelia ‘Delft Blue’
–Patio Salvia patens–Lilac and Rose
–Pennisetum ‘White Lancer’
–Penstemon ‘Snow Bells’
–Sedum ‘Black Beauty’
–Silene ‘Starry Dreams’
–Verbena ‘Buenos Aires’
–Nine new gerberas

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  1. Ellen Coates

    Looking for cultural information on Pennisetum White Lancer. Is it germinated similar to Purple Majesty Millet at 3 seeds per cell, germinating in a 2.5 inch cell.