New Varieties Guide 2009: Plug Connection

New Varieties Guide 2009: Plug Connection

Plug Connection

If you want to visit a neutral company that works with just about all the flower breeders, Plug Connection in Vista is the place. In addition to facilitating a comprehensive trial in new varieties against others on the market, the company selects vegetative crop categories to trial. This year it was petunias ranging from the small-flowered to large ones in all color classes.

Pack Trials is a great opportunity for Plug Connection to showcase its collections of offerings, which are expanding. New this year is the Mosaics collection of succulents, which were presented in a giant living wall, in combination plantings, pots, liner trays and even whimsical topiaries.

Now in its third year, Plug Connection’s Organiks certified organic line of vegetables and herbs is taking off with licensed growers, including Sunbelt Greenhouses in Georgia, Armstrong Growers in California and Tanasacres Nursery in the Northwest.

–Adessa angelonias in six colors
–Angel Eyes Regal geraniums in six colors
–Aristo Regal geraniums in nine colors
–Drakensberg Daisies
(perennial gerberas)
–Fireworks stellar geraniums in eight colors
–Kia Oro Flora collection of plants from New Zealand
–Organiks certified organic herbs and vegetables
–Mosaic succulents
–Royal Hawaiian colocasias

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