New Varieties Guide 2009: Sakata

New Varieties Guide 2009: Sakata


As an independent global breeding company based in Japan, Sakata is looking for ways to be more proactive promoting its lines in the marketplace with distribution partners. “The way we see ourselves is as a premium, independent, non-integrated breeder, which are disappearing,” says Sales Director Ron Cramer. “In the past, we relied on distributors to do everything for us. They do a good job, but they have other masters than Sakata. We want to be there to help and have a broader, more fuller partnership.”

One example is with Paul Ecke Ranch and Home Depot with Sunpatiens, the first sun tolerant impatiens that have received rave reviews in trials and landscapes. Sunpatiens are now open for complete market distribution. New Sunpatiens include Compact Deep Rose, Compact Magenta and Spreading White Variegated Leaf.

Other introductions are Vanilla Blush and Blue in SuperCal Petchoas and Caligrande calibrachoas.

–Begonia ‘Fortune Coral Shades’
–Caligrande calibrachoas
–Cascadia Daisy osteospemums in White and Pink
–Durora gerbera mix
–Gerbera ‘Festival Yellow w/Eye’
–Kameleo gerbera mix
–Osteospermum ‘Crescendo Yellow’
–Primulas ‘Daniella Neon Rose’ and ‘Delilght Cherry’
–SunPatiens impatiens
–SuperCal Petchoas–Vanilla Blush and Blue
–Zinnia ‘Profusion Yellow’


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