Pack Trials Preview: Greenex United States

Kalanchoé Queen WildFlowers Cheerful Orange has a light, airy habit. The leaves are slim and slightly serrated. The delicate orange colour of the flowers matches the slightly wild plant excellently. Excellent performance outdoors. WildFlowers thrives well at 40-85 F. To be placed in light. Should be watered once a week. Excellent performance outdoor from May until September.

As indicated by its name, Kalanchoé Queen WildFlowersFrozen White has a slightly frosted look. The white flowers have fine pink lilac designs on their petals. The delicately green leaves are surrounded by a stylish, dark edge. Overall, the plant has a wild, airy appearance. Excellent performance outdoors.

With its fun and very light habit, Kalanchoé Queen WildFlowers Funky Red is really wild to look at. It has sharp red flowers with four petals and a yellow centre. The yellow centre makes its long, dark stamens stand out, which in itself is something special. The dark red stems with small green leave make it very vivid. A very funny and sculptural plant. Excellent performance outdoors.

Visit the Greenex website for more varieties information.

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