Poinsettias For Polar Bears

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Poinsettias For Polar Bears

Proceeds from ‘Polar Bear’ poinsettias support Polar Bear International.
Torben Fisker Olsen of Dan Blummen in Denmark looks forward to promoting ‘Polar Bear’ in Europe.

Instead of buying promotional items to distribute during Spring Trials, Ecke Ranch is making a $5,000 contribution to Polar Bear International and holding daily raffles with name badges to make “adopt a polar bear” gift contributions in attendee’s names.

In addition to being a great white variety that’s easy to grow, there is an opportunity for growers and retailers to differentiate and connect with consumers in new ways. Supporting an environmental and conservation message, the packaging designed by the John Henry Co. is from sustainable materials. The recycled paper pot covers will hold water. Inks are soy based and the printing was supported through wind-generated power. For the next five years, polar bears are expected to be the animal to promote and protect at zoos and aquariums throughout North America, creating opportunities for local tie-ins and interest.

In Europe, Torben Fisker Olsen of Danish plant wholesaler Dan Blummen is getting behind ‘Polar Bear’ in a big way with a goal of selling a million plants as minis in ceramic polar bear pots and as 4-inch and 6-inch presentations. Dan Blummen coordinates a network of growers to produce from the young plant stage to marketing and distribution at retail. “It has to be managed like that, otherwise, the passion behind the product will disappear,” he says. A good point worth noting.

Delilah Onofrey directs Flower Power Marketing for the Suntory Collection. She can be reached at donofrey@gmail.com

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