The New Speedling

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Speedling has been known as one of the industry’s top young plant growers for years – it recently ranked fourth on our Top 25 Young Plant Growers List with 275 to 280 million young plants produced last year – but the operation is producing more finished plants these days and is serving as a contract grower where it can.

“We’re trying to branch out on finished and pre-finished [plants],” says Speedling’s Kathy Enders. “We’re trying to do more contract growing in large pot production, and we’re doing some of the tougher crops like gerbera.”

“Speedling is reinventing itself. We’re updating our computer system for quicker response times, for example, and we’re hoping to have it up by September.”

Enders also discussed Speedling’s seed geranium program that typically lasts 10 weeks.

“Usually, you have 15- or 16-week crop times on geraniums,” she says. “But generally the crop you’re getting from us is 10 or 11 weeks old.”

Speedling has a seed geranium production facility in Bushnell, Fla.

Kevin Yanik is the former managing editor of Greenhouse Grower.

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