May 23, 2012

Vegetable And Fruit Variety Introductions

If there was one category that stood out during all of California Spring Trials in 2012, it was definitely the growth in edibles offerings. While vegetables and herbs have been a growing trend for a few years now, the number of breeders expanding existing lines or jumping in for the first time was striking. Here are a few of the major new introductions to look out for in the future. Bumper Crop Grafted Tomato From Burpee Home Gardens   One of Burpee Home Gardens’ big introductions in 2012 is this grafted tomato that combines flavorful traditional heirloom tomatoes and a disease-resistant rootstock. The increased vigor provided by the rootstock offers up to 50 percent more yield than a regular heirloom tomato plant. Burpee Home Gardens is introducing seven Bumper Crop varieties, including ‘Big Rainbow,’ ‘Brandywine Red,’ and ‘Sam Marzano.’ ‘Easy Pick Gold’ Zucchini From PanAmerican Seed One of a number […]

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March 29, 2012

New-Age Vegetables A Gateway To Next Gardening Gen

As we’ve made our way north this week from trial to trial in California, we continue to hear concerns about why 27-year-olds like me typically don’t garden. It’s no surprise to me that most 20- and 30-something-year-olds aren’t digging in the dirt quite like the 40-and-up crowd. We’ve got college debts to repay and less time on our hands than previous generations, as we’re spending more time at work and setting aside less time for ourselves. Costs are a big concern for young people like me. The price of gas is soaring and food prices are going up along with it. Fortunately, many of the breeders participating in the California Spring Trials are in tune with these economic developments, and they’re positioning themselves to reach new gardeners like me by launching their business into or expanding upon existing herb and/or vegetable programs. Just look at the evolution of edibles among […]

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March 27, 2012

Sakata Expands Line Of Home Grown Vegetables

Sakata Home Grown announced an expanded selection of more than 150 vegetable varieties, including 15 new offerings added within the last year. The collection features vegetables from 33 crop classes that include all seasons, thriving in cool, warm and hot weather.  Tivoli spaghetti squash, Sweet treats, a pink cherry tomato with bite-size fruit, and the extra spicy Jalafuego jalapeno pepper are three options now available among the likes of okra, carrots, Swiss chard and the popular Tasty Green cucumber. “With a worldwide team of breeders and product managers, plus nearly 100 years of vegetable know-how under our belts, Home Grown customers can be assured our expanded lineup will more than meet their needs,” says Sakata Home Grown sales manager Heather Kibble. The line-up, which was selected to be easy to grow, allows avid green thumbs to produce vegetables on their porch in pots or in a backyard garden. All vegetable […]

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March 14, 2012

Bonnie Plants Launches New Website

The top 10 best new features of the improved Bonnie Plants website include:  1. Easy-to-Find Info: Find the information you need with top-level navigation to the company’s most popular pages, including all vegetable and herb product pages, how-to-grow articles  and gardening-specific how-to articles. 2. A Connected Bonnie Community: Users have one-stop access to Bonnie Plant blogs, partners, newsletters, social sites and video library through the site’s Community section. 3. Social Sharing: Gardeners can share ideas and information with their friends using the social share buttons for Facebook, Twitter and Google Plus. New user-friendly URLs also help visitors be share-savvy. 4. New Products For 2012: New vegetables, herbs, and flowers in the Bonnie Plants offering are highlighted in the online plant catalog. 5. How-to Video Library: All Bonnie Plants videos, including gardening how-to, recipes and behind-the-scenes videos, can be found in the Videos library. 6. Easy-to-Read Nutrition Info: Now nutrition information […]

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November 9, 2011

Vegetable Gardening Gaining Momentum Behind Burpee

Burpee and "I Can Grow" have created more than a dozen community and school gardens across the U.S. Burpee Home Gardens is now accepting applications for the 2012 “I Can Grow” Youth Garden Award. Now in its third year, the program continues to support urban school and community gardens in cities across the United States and build awareness of the Burpee Home Gardens brand. Success stories from last year’s program include the Waterford School District near Detroit, whose garden yielded nearly 1,000 pounds of vegetables donated to a nearby hunger relief organization. Plants were made available to Waterford through Bogie Lake Greenhouses in Michigan. To date, the Burpee Home Gardens “I Can Grow” program has provided more than 8,000 vegetable and herb plants and created 16 community and school gardens nationwide. “We’ve seen interest in school vegetable gardens gaining momentum from coast to coast. Burpee Home Gardens recognizes the importance […]

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