Voila… Hollyhocks And Violas from Sahin

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Voila… Hollyhocks And Violas from Sahin

Hollyhocks (alcea) are one of those crops that will receive higher interest in the future. This plant has all the characteristics of a back-to-nature concept. This year, Sahin introduces a complete new series: Spring Celebrities. The first colors that will be introduced are Carmine Rose, Lemon, Purple and White. Additional colors are in the pipeline and will be released within two years.

This hollyhock is an instant flowering perennial, so it doesn’t need a cool period before flowering. Compared to other series, a significant improvement on basal branching was observed. Plants are dwarf, multi-stemmed and excellent for use in large pots and in the garden. Landscapers will love Spring Celebrities’ vigorous development and fast establishment in the garden. Retailers will appreciate the basal branching and the compact height of this hollyhock. 

Sahin is now offering clean seeds for easy plug production. Seeds germinate eight to 10 days after sowing at around 68 to 71°F. Seeds need to be covered. We recommend using a large plug of 0.8 to 1 inch due to its sensitive root systems. As for cultivation, Alcea requires a temperature around 55 to 60°F. As a substrate, we recommend a well-drained soil. We advise to transplant one plug in 8-inch pot sizes.

In March sowings, Spring Celebrities will flower within 15 to 17 weeks. The Spring Celebrities series is very well matched in earliness, height (around 80 centimeters), habit and flower form (semi-double). Spray a preventive against rust. Scout for whiteflies to control this insect. For some colors, we noticed a reduced sensitivity to rust

Viola Power

In violas, more and more growers select Sahin’s Floral Power, Floral Power Super and Four Seasons. You can recognize Floral Power in its earliness, excellent winter flowering and the fact that it’s very floriferous. This series is the earliest in spring.

Floral Power Super has a larger flower diameter. Sahin introduces three new striking colors to the Floral Power Super series: Cream, Lavender Blue and Soft Pink. Four Seasons is excellent for use of hanging baskets and patio pots because of its semi-trailing plant shape. Floral Power and Floral Power Super cut one week in cultivation time compared to other series.

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