Helping You Grow Your Business

Helping You Grow Your Business

You’re a different grower today than the one you were just a few years ago.

Many of you are now responsible for driving sell-through at retail and playing the role of merchandiser and grower. Many of you are regularly managing websites, building online-ordering systems and promoting yourselves through social media. Many of you are feeling the pressures of growing and shipping in a just-in-time world.


Like your business, we’ve experienced new demands here at Greenhouse Grower and Meister Media Worldwide. Digital media is one of those ever-developing demands. We continuously look at new demands, including digital media, as an opportunity to grow our business, while meeting your information needs on your level.

Two recent personnel changes here reflect our desire to grow the Greenhouse Grower digital brand further and continue our position as the lead source for news, information and opinions related to greenhouse floriculture. One change is that George Casey has rejoined Greenhouse Grower as group publisher. Some of you may already know George, as he helped the magazine achieve tremendous growth from 1996 to 2004. While away from Greenhouse Grower, he spent eight years in the golf, turf and pest control industries with brands that were doing creative things with magazines, digital media and events. Now, George is charged with continuing to build upon Greenhouse Grower’s leadership role.

The opportunity for us to bring George back was created by the move of our previous publisher, Bob West, into a new role at Meister Media – director of interactive sales. Bob’s enthusiasm for digital media brought a range of innovations to Greenhouse Grower. Now, Bob will further develop digital offerings for all of Meister Media’s markets so readers of our 16 magazine brands can experience what you already do at and with our eNewsletters, webinars and other digital products.

What’s In These Changes For You?

These two personnel moves underscore our commitment to you. Bob’s ability to commit his time and energies exclusively to digital media will give you new resources from which you can fill your informational needs. And having a familiar face like George in Bob’s previous position further demonstrates our role as a team that’s part of the industry rather than one that simply reports on it.

“I am dedicated to this market, to our brand, to ensuring a quality brand and delivering content on all platforms that is useful, relevant and helps growers run their businesses more profitably,” George says.

Helping you grow your business is our mission. We don’t just report on the problems your business faces; we develop ideas and solutions you can take to put your business in a position of long-term, profitable growth. The Grow Initiative, launched last year and seen in every issue, symbolizes our mission to help you grow.

“Whatever part of the industry you’re in, our objective is to help you grow your business,” George says. “If you tie in the five pillars of The Grow Initiative, you’ll see we’re dedicated to helping you achieve growth.”