October 2012 Greenhouse Grower Online Exclusives

October 2012 Greenhouse Grower Online Exclusives

October 2012 cover Overdevest Nursery

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Jerry Montgomery’s Spring 2012 Retail Reports







Southern Florida

Southern California


Lantana Culture Notes
Use this advice from Syngenta Flowers on this heat-loving annual to grow a healthy crop.

QR Codes: MasterTag Share The Power Of The Tag
With online resources, plant tags can be more powerful than ever. Gerry Giorgio explains how MasterTag is working to take advantage of the power of the tag, including using QR codes.

10% Projects In Depth

Who Is Your Customer?
Today’s Garden Center and Emory University professor Susan Hogan team up to help Lakeview Nurseries better understand their customers and, ultimately, increase their sales.

What A Garden Center Learned In Two Weekends Of Watching
Today’s Garden Center’s 10% Project helped Lakeview Nurseries’ owners see they know a lot less about their customers than they thought.

Lakeview Nurseries Finds Out What Matters To Its Customers
It takes a series of one-to-one talks with customers to reach the heart of the marketing message that will matter.

Low Prices Do Not Sell More Plants
Today’s Garden Center commissioned a university study to learn how price sensitive customers really are to plants. The results are in.

Ohio State University Intern Essays

The Future Of The Industry
The Ohio State University’s Ohio Program helps young horticulture enthusiasts from around the world gain experience in greenhouses, nurseries and retail operations across the U.S. Read what the program is about and get an inside perspective of our industry from the students.

Caring For Your Roses
One Pleasant View Gardens intern gives tips and tricks for growing stunning roses.

Global Cooperation Helps The Industry
In the eyes of one international student, learning about the different horticulture markets around the world could be the key to a thriving industry.

Sustainability, Reaching Customers Matter To Gen Y
One retail intern reveals ways to reduce costs, go green and get those customers interested in plant products again.

Work Together To Sell More Plants
From breeders and growers to retailers and consumers, everyone needs to improve the horticulture industry.

Innovation And Investment Are The Keys To Success
Greenhouses in the U.S. and Chipiona are vastly different. One intern explores what Spain needs to do in order to be competetive in the horticulture world.

Greenhouse Operations In Indonesia
One intern discusses the color flag system, worker safety and other lessons greenhouses abroad can learn from Monterey Bay Nursery.