September 2012 Online Exclusives

September 2012 Online Exclusives

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Mid-September issue

Measuring Daily Light Integral In A Greenhouse
For more information on measuring and monitoring light, see “Monitoring The Greenhouse Environment” or “Measuring Daily Light Integral in a Greenhouse” available in English and Spanish at or

Ecke’s President Explains The Sale
Andy Higgins lays out the future of the brand, the company and owner Paul Ecke III after the sale of the Ecke Ranch to the Agribio Group.

September issue

10 Vegetables Crops You Should Consider
Thinking about adding produce to your ornamentals mix? These greenhouse vegetable staples – and some others you may not have thought about – are a great place to start.

Callused Geranium Cuttings: Tips For Successful Rooting
Use this advice on media, irrigation and lighting when starting from callused geranium cuttings.

Grower Basics: Top 3 Factors for Successful Coleus Production
Better moisture management, fertilization, and chemical applications will help you produce a better coleus crop.

Impatiens Downy Mildew Update From Mike Klopmeyer
How much of an affect will impatiens downy mildew have in 2013? Get an update on the spread of this disease and recommendations for your 2013 crops from Ball Horticultural’s Mike Klopmeyer.