Peter Konjoian To Spotlight Hydroponic Food Production At Farwest 2015

Peter Konjoian To Spotlight Hydroponic Food Production At Farwest 2015


Peter Konjoian

The 2015 Farwest Show will feature a greenhouse-focused seminar presented by Peter Konjoian, one of the industry’s leading researchers on the exploding locally grown food movement and author of the popular “From Flowers To Food” column in Greenhouse Grower.


Konjoian, president of Konjoian’s Horticulture Education Services, Inc., and his seminar, From Flowers To Food: Hydroponic Edible Crop Production, challenges growers to take advantage of the tremendous opportunities in hydroponic food production in greenhouses and warehouses. Konjoian believes the demand for locally grown quality edibles will continue to increase dramatically and holds vast potential for the imaginative grower.

After running a retail bedding plant operation with his family for 51 years, Konjoian shifted his research and consulting focus to hydroponic vegetable and herb crops three years ago. Fueled by the expanding local food movement, his umbrella project “From Flowers To Food” is exploring novel ways of producing edible crops. An excellent example is growing root crops such as radish, carrot and beet in plug trays using flood and drain benches.

In addition, Konjoian will co-deliver a second seminar with plant pathologist Ann R. Chase, Water-Borne Pests and What You Can Do About Them, focusing on the steps to take to manage problems through prevention and treatment using the various methods emerged from research.

Konjoian is part of a dynamic and informative Farwest greenhouse education program with many notable contributors. Education highlights include:

    • Dr. Raymond A. Cloyd, professor and Extension specialist in horticultural entomology/plant protection, Kansas State University
      Diagnostics: What’s Wrong With My Plants? This presentation helps identify what bugs (insects and mites) attack plants, based on both direct and indirect symptoms associated with their feeding behaviors, to help implement the proper plant protection strategy.
    • Suzanne Wainwright-Evans, Buglady Consulting
      How Do You Know Your Biological Control Program is Working? Many growers are incorporating biological control agents into their pest management program. Wainwright-Evans shares how bios actually kill pests and what they look like dead, and the different life stages of the beneficials through macro images.
  • Dr. Heidi Wernett, president, China Horticultural Business Services, LLC
    Flower Trials in Asia: Why and Where? Asia is emerging as the largest producer and consumer of ornamental products. This seminar addresses how plant trials play into the current state of China’s growing economy, and gives a glimpse of what this means for breeders and growers.

“The developments and trends with impact on greenhouse growing are continuous,” says Allan Niemi, director of events at the Oregon Association of Nurseries, producers of the Farwest Show. “Our greenhouse related education will keep our attendees ahead of the game. They’ll take away ideas and knowledge that build business and profit.”