McConkey Honors Growers For Their Recycling Efforts

McConkey Honors Growers For Their Recycling Efforts

Million Bottle AwardThe Million Bottle Club, which is organized by McConkey’s rEarth plastic water bottle recycling program, has announced its 2015 recipients. The program, which is in its third year, recognizes growers who have recycled more than 1 million plastic water bottles into plant containers.

“Million Bottle Club honorees can take pride in keeping bottles out of streets, landfills and oceans,” says Dave Edenfield, business development manager for McConkey. “And they’re doing this simply by following their own green production practices, including growing in 100 percent recycled, curbside-recyclable rEarth containers.”


With only one in four plastic bottles recycled and 60 million bottles going into landfills daily, growers can make a significant environmental impact by diverting bottles into recyclable containers.

Million Bottle Club membership continues to expand. This year’s honorees recycled more than 66 million bottles in 2015 alone:
• Armstrong Growers: 29.5 million
• Color Point Nursery: 6.5 million
• Kawahara Nursery: 5.9 million
• Iwasaki Bros., Inc.: 5.8 million
• Smith Gardens: 4.0 million
• Blooms: 4.0 million
• Certified Plant Growers: 3.8 million
• Pacific Growers: 2.0 million
• Colorama Wholesale Nursery: 1.8 million
• De Goede Brothers: 1.8 million
• Cal Color Growers: 1.5 million

“With the Million Bottle Club growing every year, we have many multi-year members,” says Edenfield. “We look forward to welcoming even more next year.”

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Jeff Stephens says:

This is good news but they are still using plastic that can ony be recycled so many times and then it’s back to the land fill. There is a much safer and better product and does not require sny fossil fuels to produce and it replsenishes itself every year. Anyone onterested give me a call 507-323-8084. Jeff