Shinoda Foundation Names Penn State Horticulture Major As Its Scholar Of The Year

Shinoda Foundation Names Penn State Horticulture Major As Its Scholar Of The Year


Mikaela Hermstedt

The Shinoda Foundation, established in 1964 in memory of California floral pioneer Joseph Shinoda, recently awarded its highest honor, the Shinoda Scholar of the Year, to Mikaela Hermstedt, a horticulture major at The Pennsylvania State University.


Hermstedt, a 21-year-old senior from Lincoln, DE, plans to pursue a career in commercial greenhouse production of flowering plants. One professor recommending her for the award noted, “I would rank Mikaela as one of my top students in the past 10 years at Penn State in terms of work ethic, but also in terms of attention to detail, cooperative spirit, and excellent communication skills.”

Hermstedt has worked in the Penn State botany greenhouses and completed a Nursery Management Internship at Longwood Gardens. In addition, she has served as Collegiate FFA President, Agricultural Student Council President, International Association of Agricultural Students Treasurer, and as a Student Organization Resource Team Member. She has received numerous academic honors and scholarships.

“Future growers like Mikaela embody our industry’s potential,” says Bob Otsuka, president of the Shinoda Foundation. “It’s our privilege to help support that passion.”

The Shinoda Foundation Board of Trustees awarded six scholarships this year totaling $17,000, plus 10% grants to colleges and universities of $1,700, for a total of nearly $19,000. Since 1965, The Shinoda Foundation has awarded more than $826,250 in scholarships to 673 students.

Information about applications for the Shinoda Foundation’s scholarships is sent each January to horticulture and floriculture departments at universities across the nation. Applications are available on the foundation’s website and accepted from January until March 30 each year.

Information about making contributions to the foundation or about its scholarship program can be obtained by emailing Pat Broering.