3 New Products For Cannabis Producers

3 New Products For Cannabis Producers

Obscura Screens From SvenssonFrom screens to fertilizers to lighting, here are three new products that might help enhance your cannabis production system.

Light-Deprivation Screens


Multi-layered Obscura screens from Svensson are an ideal light deprivation solution for controlling day length. They provide 99.9% blackout — enough for even the most sensitive plants — and also help maximize grow space, control flowering and humidity, and cut residual light during critical times for consistent growth and quicker turns.


Plantex MJ Bloom from Plant-ProdWater Soluble Fertilizer

Plant-Prod has launched Plantex MJ Bloom, a water soluble fertilizer for large-scale growers of medical cannabis. This formulation is designed specifically to maximize bud size, following the leaf growth phase. MJ Bloom has industry-leading purity and complete solubility for growers who demand high productivity and consistency in their operations.


PL Light SystemsLED Lighting

PL Light Systems’ new line of HortiLED products are now available in North America.

Each of the HortiLED product offerings feature unique LED optics that are custom engineered to deliver optimum lighting performance for specific indoor horticultural applications, which allows growers to achieve the same lighting performance as traditional sources, with all the benefits of LEDs.

Designed for optimum performance and efficacy, the HortiLED TOP is a versatile top-lighting system that can be used for all types of crops. With a light output of 860 μmol/m2.s and a system efficacy of 2.7 μmol/J, the HortiLED TOP delivers optimum performance and energy savings.

With its highly unique design, the HortiLED INTER delivers up to 125 μmol/m2.s uniformly to the top surface of the leaves, even at the lowest levels of the canopy, while delivering system efficacies as high as 2.63 μmol/J.

The narrow-profile modules are also designed to provide optimal heat management, enabling close-to-canopy mounting without any burning. The HortiLED INTER can be used as a standalone system or in combination with one of PL Light System’s top lighting solutions, providing unparalleled flexibility and optimum lighting control throughout the growing season.