ForwardGro Receives License From Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

ForwardGro Receives License From Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission

Cannabis ForwardGroForwardGro recently announced that the company has been awarded a stage one license by the Maryland Medical Cannabis Commission. This is a major hurdle in the process to get licensed by the state of Maryland to grow medical cannabis. More than 140 companies applied for 15 licenses.

“We are delighted that ForwardGro was selected,” says Gail Rand, a member of the leadership team of ForwardGro.


Rand is a Certified Public Accountant who became actively involved in the Maryland legislative process surrounding medical cannabis and the potential uses for her epileptic son.

“Now, we can apply our greenhouse growing experience, medical knowledge, and business expertise to effectively grow quality and consistent medical cannabis in our greenhouses,” she says.

Through her advocacy work, Rand organized a non-profit called Stop the Seizures.

Debra Kimless, M.D., is a board-certified anesthesiologist and dedicated researcher of the medical use of cannabis for pain management, cancer, and as an opioid replacement. She is also part of the ForwardGro team.

“To be able to enhance the lives of patients, including those who are dealing with chronic and severe pain, is extremely important to me as a physician,” Kimless says. “Treating conditions with medical cannabis will improve the quality of life for so many Marylanders by easing and managing pain, preventing seizures, and reducing nausea from chemotherapy as well as other treatments. I am grateful that Maryland has recognized the importance of this.”

ForwardGro’s leadership team includes Gary Mangum and Mike McCarthy, national leaders in the greenhouse growing industry who are co-founders of the seventh-largest ornamental horticulture growing operation in the country, and Dan Ramaty, an importer/exporter from Israel who will lead the company’s sales division.