How Will Potential Cannabis Legalization Affect You? Consider Looking North of the Border

Cannabis StructureAs cannabis continues to become legal in several states, potential growers might be wondering what it means for them. One place they may want to look is north of the border.

Late last year, the Canadian government released a report that was filed in Ottawa by the Task Force on Cannabis Legalization and Regulation. The report contains the findings and official recommendations of the task force for establishing legal cannabis across Canada.


The document is 112 pages long and covers issues from cultivation licenses, to processing, and distribution to taxation and home growing.

Leigh Coulter of GGS Structures, Inc. put together an analysis that summarizes the report and what it means for growers. What are the biggest takeaways from Coulter’s analysis?
• Legalization is good news for existing licensed producers. The last thing any company who has spent millions of dollars getting established wants to see is a dramatic change in the rules.
• It is good news for investors and those looking to raise capital. A recommendation to build on the existing platform is a sign of stability.
• It is good news for other interested cultivators and cannabis processors. Federal regulations make it easier to cross provincial borders, or to set up multiple sites nationwide. A federal standard encourages growth and export potential.

Click here to read Coulter’s complete analysis of the report.