Keeping Tabs On Expansion

Keeping Tabs On Expansion

As a group, the square footage of production space of the Top 100 Growers has grown every year. So what about each individual operation?

According to our Top 100 Growers survey, 33 percent of respondents say they will expand greenhouse area in the next year. Sixty percent say they will not expand. Seven percent say an expansion is possible. Of those who said they would add production area, they said they’d add an average of 147,000 square feet.


Dallas Johnson Greenhouse estimates the largest 2008-2009 expansion–an additional 6 to 10 acres. Ric Stevens of Nash Greenhouses, Kalmazoo, Mich., says that operation will expand by 1 or 2 acres in the next year. Flowering potted plant operation Matsui Nursery, Salinas, Calif., will add space, as well. The plan is for 4 new acres of Conley’s greenhouses.

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