Pageant, FreeHand Among New BASF Products

BASF recently unveiled two new products for use in greenhouses and ornamentals–one for disease control and the other for weed control–in Pageant and FreeHand.

Pageant fungicide combines boscalid and pyraclostrobin, the active ingredient in Insignia fungicide, to provide control of pythopthora and downy mildew diseases in just minutes. FreeHand herbicide, meanwhile, combines a granular formulation of dimethenamid-P with pendimethalin for time-saving weed control.


“Growers everywhere are seeking competitive advantages, including those that help control input costs and boost profit margins,” says Toni Bucci, business manager at BASF. “FreeHand herbicide gives growers a powerful, cost-effective alternative to manual weeding.”

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