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AMORE Petunias

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AMORETM King of Hearts petunia features regal-red and white blooms, each with five perfect, clear-red hearts highlighted by bright white. King of Hearts flowers early, with a mounding habit and large blossoms that show good resistance to rain. The unique red color truly captures consumer’s attention at retail.

Two other new varieties join the series in 2020. AMORE Fluttering Heart boasts royal-purple hearts on a brilliant white backdrop. AMORE Pink is a show-stopper with bold, lipstick-pink blooms outlined in clear white. Fluttering Heart and Pink are also early flowering with a mounding habit and great bloom power.

The three new AMORE petunias join Queen of Hearts, Fiesta and Purple. Queen of Hearts features stunning, bold, magenta hearts with a sunny-yellow backdrop. Fiesta has dark-Bordeaux, color-saturated hearts backed by bright yellow. The deep-purple hearts on AMORE Purple are highlighted by brilliant white.

AMORE is much more than a novelty petunia. This stable, uniform series features shopper-stopping blooms that fit well with any petunia program. The AMORE series is well matched in flowering response. Quarts and 6-inch pots will finish in 13 weeks from stick. 10-inch and 12-inch containers with three or four plants per pot will also finish in 13 weeks from a URC. This series can also be finished for early season sales under high light conditions.

AMORE petunias offer loads of blooms and reliable performance for both the grower and the home gardener. Each member of the series is amazing alone or in combinations. AMORE is recommended for quarts, stunning hanging baskets and unique combos.
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