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Endeavor insecticide

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Endeavor® insecticide belongs to a unique class of chemistry that eliminates aphids and whiteflies. It provides residual control by quickly inhibiting insect feeding. Endeavor is highly compatible with beneficial insects, making it an ideal tool for integrated pest management (IPM) programs in the greenhouse and nursery. When controlling damaging whiteflies and aphids, Endeavor has been shown to cause less than a 25% population reduction of four of the biological control agents seen below.

As a spray, Endeavor provides:

  • 14-21 days of aphid control
  • 14 days of whitefly control

As a drench, Endeavor offers up to seven weeks of control. It can be used in greenhouse and nursery production on a wide variety of bedding plants and perennials, as well as vegetables grown for transplant.

Endeavor is rainfast shortly after application and quickly becomes available to targeted pests at their feeding sites. Translaminar and systemic movement distribute the product throughout the plant to provide complete protection. Within hours of ingestion, aphids and whiteflies stop feeding.

Endeavor provides growers:

  • Effective control: Quickly stops insect feeding, which prevents virus transmission and controls the insect within a few days of treatment.
  • Targeted activity: Unique mode of action in IRAC Group 9B helps prevent insect resistance and is highly compatible with beneficial insects.
  • Versatility: Apply as a spray or drench to ornamental crops and vegetables grown for transplant.

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