Slideshow: Retrofits and Equipment For Greenhouse Vegetable Production

Slideshow: Retrofits and Equipment For Greenhouse Vegetable Production

Greenhouse Tomatoes

Changing from ornamentals to produce isn’t all that complicated for experienced greenhouse growers, but it may require a few adjustments to your facilities. Take a look at these structures retrofits, production changes and new equipment you should consider to take your production quality to the next level.


Changing From Ornamentals To Vegetables–Before

Greenhouse Poinsettia Crop

Greenhouse produce can be a good between-seasons option. Just a few facilities retrofits and adjustments can change this poinsettia crop …

Changing From Ornamentals To Vegetables–After

Greenhouse Lettuce

… into this profitable greenhouse lettuce crop.

Greenhouse Vegetable Irrigation

Greenhouse Pepper Irrigation

Greenhouse vegetables require as much as three-quarters of a gallon of water per day. Each plant needs its own dripper.

Irrigation Water Monitoring

Greenhouse Water Monitoring

You need to keep a close eye on irrigation water with greenhouse vegetable crops. Drain water should be collected and EC and pH levels, as well as total drain water volume, should be monitored daily.

Greenhouse Tomato Training

Greenhouse Tomato Training

Greenhouse crops such as tomatoes and peppers are generally trained with wires to grow vertically.

Greenhouse Pepper Training

Greenhouse Pepper Training

The vertical orientation provides easy access to the fruit for harvesting.

Training Clips

Greenhouse Pepper Training Clips

Clips are used to attach the plant stem or vine to a string to train the plant vertically. More clips can be added and the string raised as the plant grows.

Greenhouse Vegetable Harvesting

Greenhouse Vegetable Harvesting

Provide aisles wide enough to maneuver for regular harvesting and plan maintenance.

Bees For Tomato Pollination

Greenhouse Tomato Bees

Plan to use bees for pollination in your greenhouse tomato crop. Hand pollination can be done, but it’s labor intensive.

Pollination-Free Crops

Greenhouse Cucumbers

Many greenhouse cucumber and pepper varieties no longer require pollination.

Sorting And Grading Fruit

Greenhouse Tomatoes

Smaller growers can hand sort the crop for size and quality. Larger operations may want to invest in sorting equipment.

Packaging Adds Value

Greenhouse Lettuce Packaged

You don’t need your own brand with greenhouse vegetables, but even basic packaging can add significant value to your produce.

Vegetable Production With Low Facilities Investment

Dwarf Greenhouse Tomato Production

Growers just starting out can try produce without the additional investment in retrofitting or adding equipment. This high-density dwarf tomato production is on a normal greenhouse bench set up.

Less-Traditional Crops

Greenhouse Strawberries

Strawberries can be a great greenhouse crop with limited facilities adjustments.