All-America Selections Honors Two At AAS Summer Summit In North Carolina

All-America Selections Honors Two At AAS Summer Summit In North Carolina

Armitage's 30-years at University of Georgia are over, but his career continues to bloom with new opportunities.

Allan Armitage is the 2014 recipient of the AAS Medallion of Honor.

The annual All-America Selections (AAS) Awards Banquet was held this June at the North Carolina Arboretum.


It presented its prestigious AAS Medallion of Honor, an award designed to recognize someone with a lifelong dedication to advancement in the field of horticulture.

Allan Armitage won the 2014 AAS Medallion of Honor. Ron Cramer from Sakata Ornamentals, AAS President and long-time friend of Armitage presented the story of his long and illustrious career, adding that Armitage has been an AAS Flower Judge from 1983 until his retirement from the University of Georgia in 2013.

The second award of the evening, the AAS Breeders Cup Award, was established in 2004 to recognize a plant breeder who dramatically influenced horticulture by breeding new cultivars that brought significant improvements to those classes.

The 2014 Breeder’s Cup Award recipient is Ellen Leue of PanAmerican Seed. Co-worker and banquet Master of Ceremonies Mark Gross presented the story of Leue’s vast breeding contributions and innovations during her impressive career.

Leue began her breeding work in 1982 breeding seed potatoes and then moved on to ornamentals with significant introductions in petunias, impatiens and other crops, including AAS Winners ‘Orchid Daddy’ petunia, ‘Swirl Monet Mix’ impatiens, ‘Diamonte Coral Rose’  diascia and most recently, ‘Serenita Pink’ angelonia. And now her work is coming full circle with a renewed emphasis on edible crops, including recent AAS Regional Winner ‘Patio Baby’ eggplant.

AAS salutes industry achievers Armitage and Leue for their dedication and passion for everything horticulture, including All-America Selections.

Source: All-America Selections