Back To School

Back To School

I’ve seen more than one set of flashing lights in school zones this late-August week. School is back in session and to commemorate the growing of minds, we’ve dedicated a good chunk of this issue’s young plant coverage to research. The folks at the Young Plant Research Center at the University of New Hampshire have been cranking out the data. In this issue, they’ll focus on controlling energy costs through shorter crop time, insight into what shipping is doing to your liners and what types of pesticide treatments and methods suit young plants best.

They’ve done so much research, in fact, that we couldn’t squeeze it all into this issue. Please take advantage of the space our Web site,, affords us to deliver even more information. There, you’ll find more data on the effect of liner size and age on finish time in hanging baskets and data on insecticide treatments applied in the research center’s study of fungus gnats.


The more data, the better! We’re happy to be able to share this data with you and hope that our young plant grower readers find the information useful.

Check out the Young Plant Research Center online at to find out about other research the group is doing. The group does company-specific contract product research and development. If you’ve got a greenhouse problem, these are the people who can help you figure it out. 

Who Are You?

We asked our young plant growers about themselves and they told us. We heard from more than 50 young plant growers with updates on their live input offerings. All told, our Live Inputs Directory will connect you to more than 150 breeders, brokers, propagators and growers who can help you with your young plant needs. Our listings of the Top 25 young plant growers and Top 10 cuttings producers are also back again this year.

If, by chance, you don’t find exactly what you’re looking for in these pages, check out GG Interactive at The database contains live goods, hard goods and services. Users drill down by category and can search by vendor location. has also helped us out with a really cool variety search — by plant type and flower color. The expanded search allows users to search by sun/shade requirements, water requirements, plant height, blooming season and hardiness zone. Are your customers looking for something your current inventory doesn’t reach? This is a good place to start to fill out your offerings. There’s more to come at
Stay tuned.