Breaking Down The Issues & Their Impact On You

Breaking Down The Issues & Their Impact On You

Immigration reform, estate tax reform, research funding, health care and the Employee Free Choice act are all issues SAF members will take directly to lawmakers March 8 and 9 during Congressional Action Days (CAD).

Here’s a quick look at the key issues SAF will be taking to Capitol Hill during CAD and the action SAF wants:


Immigration Reform

SAF supports AgJobs, either as part of comprehensive reform or as a stand-alone step forward if comprehensive reform fails.

Permanent Estate Tax Relief

Congress must act before December 31 to enact permanent relief so business owners know how to react and plan.

Health Care Reform

If the issue is unresolved by early March, SAF members will voice concerns about employer mandates and will support medical liability reform, lowering costs and allowing pooling across state lines.

Research Funding

Continued funding for floriculture and nursery research is critical to our industry’s future.

The Employee Free Choice Act

SAF believes senators should vote “no” when this union-driven bill comes up, especially because of the potential impact of binding arbitration on businesses and employees.

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