Dramm Corp. Buys Lawson Products’ Line Of Soaker Hoses

Dramm Corp. Buys Lawson Products’ Line Of Soaker Hoses

Dramm Corp. has acquired the Soaker Hose product line from Lawson Products, based in Flora, Ind. The sale will be complete on June 15, when Dramm relocates the Soaker Hose production to its partner plant, Metal Wear Corp., in Two Rivers, Wis.

Dramm will produce and market the line of products, including the Pro Series Soaker Hose, Osmile Soaker Hose, Water Wise Soaker Hose, Special Soaker Hose, in addition to Dramm’s current brand of ColorStorm Premium Soaker Hose.


“We feel the Soaker Hose line’s product design meets the Dramm standards of quality and performance,” says Kurt Dramm, president and owner of Dramm Corp. “The Soaker Hose is made of recycled material, which meets our goal in continuing to provide earth-friendly products that also conserve water.”

Lawson Products will continue to produce and sell its complete line of tree stakes and tree care products.

“It was an important consideration to find a buyer that would continue to meet our customer values and needs,” says Raymond Shank, president and owner of Lawson Products. “Dramm Corp. has the same core values in product performance and customer service as Lawson Products. I know Dramm will manufacture and supply the same high-quality products that customers have come to expect from the Lawson name.”

Lawson Products will complete all orders by mid-June; customers with new business should contact Dramm via eMail to [email protected] or 800-258-0848 regarding Soaker Hose. For more information, visit the Dramm Corp. website