Dümmen Group Introduces Ignite Research Facility In California

Dümmen Group Introduces Ignite Research Facility In California

IMG_1086The Dümmen Group recently introduced Ignite Research, located in a re-purposed facility at the previous Fides-Oro greenhouse location in Santa Paula, Calif. Ignite will focus on:

  • Dümmen Group breeding selection trials
  • Development of cultivation and production guidelines for existing Dümmen Group branded series
  • Grower directed research
  • Elite increase blocks for chrysanthemum and ipomoea

Ignite Research contains 45,000 square feet of covered greenhouses deployed for research, 8,000 square feet of elite houses, 6,000 square feet of open-air field for trials and 2,000 square feet of hoophouses.


The Dümmen Group operates breeding trials throughout North America with a variety of growers, and Ignite Research provides it with its own dedicated facility, allowing trials to be completed in California growing conditions, as a comparison to Florida and Canada.

An important component of the success of its True Grower partners is the wealth of guideline information Dümmen provides. This covers everything from rooting suggestions to finishing product. Now, with Ignite Research facilities available, Dümmen can develop those protocols under its own glass and disseminate new ideas for fertilizer or PGR use, or other plant care concepts as they are developed.

Often, True Growers want to try something new and need a facility for running trials. Ignite will be available for this grower-directed research, with experienced trial personnel and horticulture expertise backing it up. This research will be run as a value-added service to Dümmen Group customers. Also, one section of the facility, which was recently renovated, houses pre-production Mystic Mums while they are under government-mandated quarantine for the first six months of their lives in North America.

Source: Dümmen Group