Flexibility And Effectiveness

Flexibility And Effectiveness

Flagship 0.22G is a new granular formulation of Flagship 25WG insecticide. With a proprietary active ingredient and long-lasting control, Flagship provides both preventive and curative efficacy against a broad spectrum of insects, including aphids, whiteflies and mealybugs. Both formulations are rapidly absorbed into the plant, providing quick control with flexibility in rates, timing and application methods.

“Flagship itself is one of the faster systemic products. From a soil application, it’s uptake into the plant and translocation into the upper locations of the plant is fairly fast,” says David Ross, technical manager, lawn and garden for Syngenta Professional Products. “As an example, from a landscape standpoint, with some of the other insecticides on the market with similar chemistry, you need to apply the season before or the fall before in order to get uptake into larger plants for control this spring. With Flagship sprayable, we can actually drench the soil and get uptake within a month or two months prior to expectation of the pest.”


Ross also notes that the new formulation’s flexibility is great for growers.

“Now they have the ability to either mix Flagship with their media or to apply it in a per-pot situation,” he says. He also says the new formulation offers approximately twice as much active ingredient compared to the sprayable formulation, providing a higher application rate per season.

Syngenta is currently in the process of expanding Flagship 0.22G’s label to include approximately double the number or pests it already controls.

Flagship 0.22G’s packaging offers a number of advantages, as well. Available in 25-pound resealable bags, it’s easy to handle and can be applied on a per-pot basis and easily resealed.