Futagrow Growing System Nominated For Greentech Innovation Award

Futagrow Growing System Nominated For Greentech Innovation Award

FutagrowFutagrow, a growing system in which several innovations provide a completely different approach to cultivation that is designed to maximize durability, has been nominated for a Greentech Innovation award.

One of the main principles of the system is a sequence of short cultivations where two crop stages in the greenhouse are growing continuously. The system is based on 5.6 short tomato cultivations per year, during which nine clusters per plant are produced (50 clusters per year). The young plants grow between the gutter rows with the existing crop, which makes production possible 365 days a year.


The cultivation takes place in an oxygen-rich film of water, eliminating the need for a substrate. The nutrient composition may be adjusted at any time of the day and stage of cultivation.

This way of growing is very durable and fits with the cradle-to-cradle principle, because all materials used in the cultivation are biodegradable. Furthermore, the carbon footprint per kilogram of product is reduced by 20 percent. This is mainly achieved through the utilization of supplemental lighting in the greenhouse up to 95 percent of the day, so there is no longer a non-productive period.

Futagrow is an ongoing project in which the new cultivation system has been tested thoroughly.
The partners of this project are: FormFlex/Metazet, Triomaas, Priva, Prominent Demokwekerij Westland, Combinations, Inno-Agro, RijkZwaan, Groen Agro Control, Jiffy, Hortilux and Van Iperen.

For more information, contact: Arie Barendregt at [email protected]

Source: FormFlex/Metazet North America