When growers have a question, they want the answer right away. That’s why they are relying on more and more for their informational needs. All of our key metrics illustrate this tremendous growth (and increasing advertiser value!). Just look at the growth in monthly Unique Visitors, Visits and Page Views from last year to this year:

                                                Unique Visitors             Visits          Page Views
                                          18,774                     26,511           60,591
Sep-10                                           26,591                     38,102           77,364
Year-over-Year Growth                  41.6%                      43.7%           27.7%


What else can you do to create this type of visibility for your products today? advertisers have multiple ad units from which to choose, including:

Leaderboard ads (728 pixels wide by 90 pixels high) – This ad unit runs across the top of all pages of, other than GGTV pages and the home page. Two Leaderboard positions are available every month, so an advertiser will likely share this position with one other company. The two ads will be served in rotation with each other, so they will both receive an equal number of impressions.

Half-Page ad (300 pixels wide x 550 pixels high) – New in 2011, this premium ad position provides a high-impact position that is the equivalent of two Medium Rectangle ads. This unit is perfect for companies looking for a high-visibility opportunity, such as a product launch or special promotion. This ad position does not rotate, and a Half-Page ad will always be positioned above the Medium Rectangle.

Medium rectangle (300 pixels wide by 250 pixels high) – Up to three Medium Rectangle ads are available every month, although this inventory reduces to just one available spot if a Half Page ad is sold for that month. Medium Rectangle ads do not rotate, so a client purchasing a Medium Rectangle ad will maximize its impressions for that month.