January 2013 Greenhouse Grower Online Exclusives

January 2013 Greenhouse Grower Online Exclusives

January 2013 cover; the new role of the greenhouse grower

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Is The Greenhouse Of The Future A Skyscraper In The City?
Plantagon’s skyscraper greenhouses may be the future of urban agriculture, if not floriculture.

Robotics Research At Vineland Focuses On Greenhouse Planting, Harvesting And Packaging
Prototype machines are being developed in conjunction with mechanical engineering students and automotive industry robotics experts.

Downy Mildew On Impatiens: Resources And Advice
Check back here for the latest news and what you can do to treat impatiens downy mildew.

Pest Control 101: Western Flower Thrips
Regular monitoring, excellent sanitation and careful planning of control methods are essential for keeping thrips away from your crops.

Pest Control 101: Whitefly
Whiteflies are common greenhouse pests on more than 250 species of ornamental plants.