Mixis Stealing The Show At Danziger

Mixis Stealing The Show At Danziger

Danziger is taking its California Spring Trials showcase to Fides next year, but Chanochi Zaks and Reese Kilkka are exhibiting their new items one last time this week at Oro Farms.

Kilkka is most excited about Danziger’s Mixis combos for 2012. Mixis makes up about 85 percent of Danziger’s display this year. The program is directed specifically to the female consumer with elegant lavender containers and tags – and, of course, gorgeous, very uniform combinations of plants.


Sixteen of the combos on display are ones that have proven to bloom well together. Some of the Mixis combos feature Noa calibrachoa varieties or Scopia bacopa, for example. Danziger is also displaying combos Kilkka referred to as “freestyle” containers or baskets if growers are feeling adventurous and want to give other varieties a try together.

Another big Danziger introduction is Sun Harmony, a series of impatiens that features four colors to start. Orange, Magenta, Purple and Salmon are the introductory colors. Lobularia ‘Silver Stream’ is another newbie that’s bound to generate grower buzz. ‘Silver Stream’ would look great as an accent plant in combos. The lobularia’s key quality, Kilkka says, is compactness.

Danziger is doing more with its Kira heuchera for 2012, as well. We got our first look at the series at last year’s Spring Trials. This year, a striking black heuchera joins Kira in ‘Black Forest.’

Learn more about Danziger online at www.danziger.co.il/