National Garden Bureau Unveils New Logo, “Year Of The” Program Promotional Materials

National Garden Bureau Unveils New Logo, “Year Of The” Program Promotional Materials

National Garden Bureau Logo

The National Garden Bureau (NGB) is nearing the end of 2015 on a roll, with the unveiling of its new logo and with the availability of its “Year Of The” program promotional materials.


The new NGB logo reflects a fresher brand identity to further NGB’s mission of encouraging people to use more flowers and plants in their garden. The full strategic plan includes the introduction of a new up-to-date logo that is attractive and attention-getting for a wider audience and reflects the expanded programs the organization has taken on in recent years. The artist’s rendering of a generic green leaf can be interpreted to represent a tree, a shrub, a perennial, an annual or an edible plant — all of which are part of today’s garden spaces.

“National Garden Bureau is evolving our brand to motivate and inspire home gardeners. This new look reflects who we are today as well as in the future,” says Claire Watson, NGB president. “Our new logo is a key part of the brand position and appeal that the industry will see in the coming months.”

NGB’s mission to be an authentic source of inspiration to all gardening consumers with new varieties, new products and new ideas on how to garden in a myriad of ways. Small successes lead to empowered consumers who are confident and willing to engage in more garden activities, she says.

Promote This Year’s “Year Of The” Crops

Along with the new logo, NGB is also providing free promotional materials for its four 2016 “Year of the” programs with the resources available on the National Garden Bureau website. For 2016, those crops include:
• Annuals: Year of the Begonia
• Vegetables/Edibles: Year of the Carrot
• Perennials: Year of the Delphinium

NGB has also added a fourth class for promotion for the 2016 season. This new class is:
• Bulbs: Year of the Allium

The NGB Board of Directors selects crops with which consumers can be successful. Each “Year of the” crop is easy to grow, genetically diverse and includes lots of new varieties — all traits that will help consumers and their gardens flourish.

Free promotional materials are available for garden centers and nurseries, but the entire industry — breeders, brokers, seed companies, growers, nurseries and garden centers — are encouraged to highlight these flowers and plants when planning their 2016 marketing season.

Materials range from printable fact sheets, flyers, handouts, signage and more. Garden retailers can use these materials in store alongside the “Year of the” crops or at Customer Service, Help Desks or in educational seminars. NGB also has downloadable photos and logos of the featured crops. These can be used in catalogs, advertisements, on websites and in other appropriate marketing materials.

Another new aspect of NGB’s “Year of the” program is a video about the edible class, produced by and starring cook, author and storyteller Jonathan Bardzik. This video can be viewed in the Year of Carrot fact sheet or on YouTube and shared by any person or company who wishes to promote gardening and cooking with carrots.

Visit the National Garden Bureau website to download photos, videos, flyers, fact sheets and more, or contact Diane Blazek.