New Genus Sneak Peek From Terra Nova Nurseries, Mukgenia Nova ‘Flame’

New Genus Sneak Peek From Terra Nova Nurseries, Mukgenia Nova ‘Flame’

Terra Nova nurseries recently announced a brand new genus, mukgenia, which is a hybrid of mukdenia and bergenia, as part of its Sneak Peek variety introductions. The hybrid exhibits heterosis (hybrid vigor) by rapidly forming low, compact mounds of shiny, leathery-thick leaves with jagged edges. This new genus fills the void in the retail market by enlivening the reputation of bergenia and introducing a whole new group to mukdenia.




“We made our initial test crosses several years ago,” says Chuck Pavlich, director of new product development at Terra Nova Nurseries, “It is our goal to always, in all ways, break new ground in breeding, culture and use.”

Mukgenia ‘Nova Flame’ is the first variety to be released. It is especially durable since it takes cold and wet weather well. While totally deciduous with great fall color, spring flowers are midway between bergenia and mukdenia, sprouting in small, dark rose-pink clusters. It performs best in Zones 3 to 9 in shade to partial shade, achieving an average size of 6-inch height by 12-inch width and 13-inch flower height.

This new introduction is the only mukgenia currently available to growers and will be released to garden centers over the coming months. The company will introduce more mukgenia varieties over time.

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Source: Terra Nova Nurseries press release